Andrew Neide's portfolio

English 10 Plummer/spring 2016

1 Journal Reflection

1/7 name five goals you have for high school. My first goal is to find something to do after high school but, I still haven’t found anything since I wrote that even though I have another 3 years after this one to find what I want to do. One of my friends said to go into science and try to make the world a better place and not a perfect one. My second goal of high school was to find an advanced diploma. I'm still doing this goal but it will take time to finish but, with my plan I will have at the very least 32 credits when I graduate. My third goal of high school is to pass advanced on most of my S.O.L. and try to get another 600. To do this while maintaining my challenge to myself in high school will be difficult but I’ve been looking for challenges to make me do my best at something. My fourth goal for high school is to pass all my classes with getting verified credits. I hope instead of getting only 2 in each category I could get three or four in all of them to be that over achiever. My final goal in high school is to finish high school and get my advanced diploma. So far everything is going as I thought It would and next year I’m going into high classes for more of a challenge I hope it doesn’t disappoint.I chose this journal because I want to elaborate on my goals and find more ways to make all of them come true by the end of my high school life. If I don’t make all 5 goals happen I will admit defeat and find a new way to make all future goals that I make come true and not just end up as a broken dream. Also I wanted to see if any of my old goals changed and only one did instead of having just an advanced diploma I want to have more than just an advanced diploma I want the most credits I could have with the most verified credits I can have.

2/3 Student Choice Short Essay. What grade do you feel your work and participation in English 10 Honors deserves?

4 Note to Self

Dear Self,

This year has been very boring even with one challenging class but, next year you will be going into harder classes ,such as A.P.U.S.H. and A.P English, so you hopefully find them challenging to you. Next year you will continue your challenge yourself to get though at least 2 years without studying or reviewing for tests, quizzes, and so on. This year I don’t think I did anything worth you fixing in school other than try harder for your classes even if you’re passing. My favorite part of the year was the beginning when you learn mostly new stuff and see the most challenging aspect of school but, toward the end it got boring due to having learned what I needed and having the classes stagnate and go into review until the end of the year. Your main goal of high school is to pass with an advanced diploma while only having fun and doing what you feel like all year.

Sincerely, Self