High School Drama Teacher

Job Description

  • Adapts course study to the needs of students
  • Teach diction, voice development, and dialects, using voice exercises, speech drills, explanation, lectures, and improvisation
  • Discusses and demonstrates vocal and body expression to teach acting styles character development, and personality projection
  • Produces and directs plays for school and public performances
  • Audition students to select cast and assign parts
  • Rehearses and drills students to ensure they master parts
  • Assigns non performing students to backstage production tasks such as constructing, painting, moving scenery, operating stage lights, and sound equipment.
  • May direct activities of students involved in constructing, painting, and lighting scenery
  • May teach elements of stage craft, play writing, or play direction



The average starting salary is around $40,000 a year.


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An apartment in the Lewisville area can cost anywhere from the mid $600 range to the mid $1400 range. As far as square feet they can range anywhere from around 500 square feet to over 1000 square feet.


Used cars can range from just over 10,000 dollars to just over 20,000 dollars.