Inventions 3

MP1 Week 8

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In this posted lesson:

In the 1st VoiceThread Presentation we are going to:

  • Meet Galileo: Super Sun Scientist and Inventor of the telescope
  • Discover the 2 main types of solar energy used today
  • Use the same method engineers use to track the sun's position so we can collect the most sun possible
In the 2nd VoiceThread Presentation, you are going to share:
  • A picture or video of your solar oven
  • How did you measure your solar oven's temperature?
  • How hot did your solar oven get?

Learn More About the Sun!

Click Here: 1st VoiceThread Presentation!

Watch the VoiceThread Presentation to Get to Know More About Our Sun!

Sharing Your Solar Oven Results: Round 1

Click Here: 2nd VoiceThread Presentation

Click Above to Post the Results of Your Solar Oven!

Need Some Ideas: Click the Link Below!

Solar Box Ovens

Click Here to Take Another Look at Which Materials Heat up the Most!

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