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Mrs. Melberg

Our mythology knowledge just keeps growing and growing! Thanks to all who donated Post it Notes. And thanks to all who sent wonderful, smart, and kind kids to school last week. I couldn't do it without you!

What's new in Reading?

There is new research that suggests that comprehension and fluency are connected. It seems that if you practice reading the same material and get really comfortable reading it, you will train your brain to read and understand better! Even comprehension when you are reading silently will improve as fluency improves.

Now I know that some material is hard to read more than once. It takes a lot of effort. It’s just like practicing the same football play, or the same piano piece, or even a the same level on your favorite computer game. Usually the first few times aren’t easy. But you almost always get better at something you do over and over again. So this month, we are going to give it a try.

What we will be doing at school!

We have lots of different little things that we will be doing during class this month to see if we can prove that the research is true. We will be choral reading (where we all read the same thing at the same time). Instead of reading lots of different books to our book buddies in second grade, we will each be reading the same book to a lot of different book buddies so that we get really good at one picture book. We will practice to make sure we don’t read too fast or too slowly and that we read with good expression. We will record our readings just as soon as we get really confident. That way their class can have a digital recording of a lot of great books in case they ever want to hear a story and there’s no one around to read one. And….(drum roll, please) we will be hosting a Poetry Slam for you to attend at Open House on May 7 at 7:00pm. We will prerecord our poems, so no matter when you arrive, you will be able to hear your child perform. We will have a live mic set up as well, just in case there are any slammers who wish to perform live! Stop by Room 323 and check out our talented performers.

What can you do at home?

Encourage your child to practice, practice, practice. You should be listening to their picture book and their poem every evening. Want to do more? Show your child that practice makes improvement, and learn a poem to share at Open House. Need a suggestion? Give me a call. Need a practice audience? Ask your child to be a kind but fair judge of your delivery. Are you reciting with expression? Going too fast? Keep practicing until you get even better. No one has to memorize the selection. Just be able to read it well. If you would like to prerecord your poety, let me know. You may even be able to do it from home!

And if you are interested in the research and the data from the comprehension study, I have copies to share.

Checklist for caregivers:

Listen to the picture book every day.

Listen to the poem every day.

Put the Open House date on the calendar!

Checklist for students:

Read picture book to someone at home every day.

Read poem to someone at home every day.


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