Embedding Quotes

By: Sabrina, Elizabeth, Morgan and Lindsay

What is a quotation?

When you embed quotes properly, it lets the reader go from the quoted text back into the paragraph smoothly.

The Basic's of a Quotation

A quotation is a group of words that is from a speech, someone saying something, or some text. An embedded quote contains two quotation marks, one in the beginning of the sentence and one at the end. The last quotation mark contains the period, comma etc. on the inside of it. Most of the time depending on the type of quotation the first letter inside the quotations is capitalized. Below are some different types of embedded quotes.

Set off Quotations

Set off Quotations are set off from the sentence by a comma. These embedded quotations usually are some said "_____". Make sure to capitalize the first letter of the quotation. Many of these set off quotations have signal phrases like claims, proposes, or states. Here are some examples: As Jane Smith explains, “A duck’s quack doesn’t echo.”

Built in Quotations

These usually have the word "that" along with the single phrase. You do not capitalize the first letter in the quotation because these are built into the sentence. Here is an example: Jane Smith points out, in her article about the sun, that “only 55% of all Americans know that the sun is a star.”

Quotations with a Colon

The signal of this quotation is a complete sentence that goes before the colon. The sentence provides some information about the quotation. The quotation follows the colon and the first letter is capitalized. Here is an example: In her book about pets, Jane Smith discusses the benefits of owning a dog: “Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression and have lower levels of stress than people who do not own dogs."

Right and Wrong Embedded Quotes


- In the article, Jane Smith writes, “Snails can sleep for three years without eating.

- “Cheese is the most stolen food in the world,” according to Jane Smith.

- In the interest of animal sleeping habits, Jane Smith proposes that “dolphins sleep with one eye open.”

- “Dolphins,” as Jane Smith notes, “have highly developed emotion centers in their brains.” - In the article, Jane Smith writes, “Snails can sleep for three years without eating.”


-"I hate her" said Susan! This is wrong because the exclamation point supposed to be on the inside of the quotation marks.

- In the New York Times they state , " Over half of America is obese ." This is wrong because the first letter is not supposed to be capitalized in the quotation.

- Starbucks owner talks about the benefits of drinking coffee: "Many schools have coffee shops at there schools." This is incorrect because after the colon, the quotation needs to be what the person stated about the benefits of coffee not something similar.

- " She's so beautiful." Says Samantha. This is wrong because you need to put a coma after beautiful and then have that one period after Samantha.

- " I love dogs," says John. " Because they are caring and honorable." This is wrong because these two quotations are one sentence so instead of a period after John there needs to be a coma to show the connection.

Work On These Below

What type of embedded quotes are these below

1- Jane Smith claims that " The Grammy Awards were created to fight the new wave of rock music." What type of quotation is this?

2- Jane Smith asserts that people should exercise often : " People should try to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day." What type of quotation is this?

3-" The Mars rover landed in August 2012 and is there to discover whether Mars is suitable for life." Make this quotation into a built in quotation.

4- " My favorite food ever is ice cream." Make this into a colon quotation.

5- " Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas are both very aggressive dogs." Make this into a set off quotation

6- Which one of these phrases is a signal phrase for a set off quotation...

A. Angry B. Explains C. Can't D. I

7- There are many reasons to drink coffee : " To wake you up, short term memory boost, and is healthy for your heart." Should there be colon there? If not, what should be in it's place.

8- As Thomas states, " Water is much more healthier then soda."

As Thomas states: " water is much more healthier then soda." Which quotation is correct?

9- Jennifer states from her magazine that, " 75% of adults when they were kids played soccer."

Jennifer states from her magazine that: " 75% of adults when they were kids played soccer." Which quotation is correct?

10- Kalee talks about why it's important to drink water: " water keeps your body healthy and hydrated." What is wrong with this quotation?