Child Labor

By: Matthew Nance

Jobs Kids did in Facctories

  • Children had different jobs. on job they had was to fix machinary by crawling inside and reparing or replcing the broken part
  • Another job kids had was to watch the machines and make sre they are working properly

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Hours, food, working conditions

  • Children worked for 14-19 hours a day
  • Conditions were very dangerous and the overseers had no regard for the kid's safety

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Accidents Children could have in factories

  • Children could get limbs caught in the big, fast woking machines in the factories
  • Children ofen died from machines or falling objects


  • Children faced very harsh and severe punishments for messing up. One of these punishmwnnts was to be whipped
  • Children could also be beaten or verbally abused
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Efforts to stop or improve child labor

  • In 1912 the Childrens Bureau was founded to monitor child labor
  • Now, children under nine can not work in factories

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