:By Adan mancilla


In May 1787 55 people drifted into Philadelphia all responding to a call for the Constitutional Convention. Most were wealthy all were white all were male. They came from eleven of the rather disunited states stretched along the eastern board. The delegates at the Constitution Convention wanted to divide the power within the federal government. The delegates did not want this power controlled by one man or one group. They were scared at the fact that if they did let all that power go to a small group it would create tyranny and thats what they want to prevent from happening. So they divided the power into 3 separate groups The Legislative Branch,Judicial Branch, and the Executive Branch.
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Branches of the government

The three branches of the government all share different powers so they don't create any kind of tyranny

Checks and Balances

By creating three branches of government, the delegates built a "check and balance" system into the Constitution. This system was built so that no one branch of our government could become too powerful.

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The Preamble

The Preamble to the United States Constitution is a brief introductory statement of the Constitution's fundamental purposes and guiding principles.

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Central Government

The central government is the political authority that governs an entire nation. The United States is a federal system of government in which power is shared between the central (sometimes referred to as national or federal) government and state governments. In the U.S., power is given to the central government, located in Washington, D.C., by the United States Constitution.


Regulate trade

conduct foreign relationships

Declare war

Prints money

Make immigration laws

State Government

A state government (provincial government in Canada) is the government of a country subdivision in a federal form of government, which shares political power with the federal or national government.




Local government

Hold Elections