Tiger Treats

What is "tiger treats" you ask?

Weekend Food Program

We have a new initiative this year that has been almost 6 months in the making! Finally, we are able to set a start date for this service to our targeted students and families. Every Friday (beginning 10/10/14), a "delivery" of food will be made to the lockers of identified students. The students simply put the bag of food in their backpack at the end of the day to enjoy over the weekend.

We provide between 75 and 100 bags of food every month!

Teachers make the BEST Referrals!!

YOU Know Your Kids BEST!

Recommendation Forms are in your box! Simply fill out and return to Ms. Robinson. They must receive FREE status.

Volunteers and Community Partner

Thank Yous!

To the Jones Family and Stiegler Family for packing & delivering the food every week!

Thank you to our Chief Mr. Owens for picking up food from the AACo Food Bank every week!

Packing is done On-Site in our Pantry

Pantry Storage

Tiger Treats Pantry is located in a secure and temperature controlled storage room here at Southgate Elementary. Bags will be packed there every Thursday, then delivered to specific locker numbers.