Between the Wars

Conner Baese

Post War

After the war in Arkansas, many new technologies were introduced. These new things included things like telephones and cars. All these new inventions made life easier in Arkansas, which left more people time to do what they wanted.


Without the war going on there was much more time to do what people wanted so this created many new ways of entertainment. Some of these were sports, art, music, and literature to help entertain people in there free time.

Oil & Boom Towns

Oil was a big part in growth in America because it provided jobs and it made growing towns. Boom towns were found often where there was a good amount of oil. Some of these downs could blow up from under just 100 people to increasing above 20,000 in less than a year because of oil. Some bad came from this as it brought greed aloud with robbery and murder.

Tenants and Sharecropping and Growing Violence

Poor farmers that used the goods they grew were farming tenants. They had to use there crops to pay rent because they couldn't afford paying cash. In Arkansas, there were groups that would promote liberty and patriotism but really of hatred and violence. They would attack these people just because the color of skin or there religion.

Flood of 1927

The flood in 1927 from the Mississippi river broke the protective lives and damaged many parts of farms, property and human lives. Some of the things that caused the river to overflow were rainfall, melting snow, and the water rising.

Growing Education and Roads

Education was a good thing but didn't start off too great. All the classrooms were small and some building were only one classroom. Also some teachers didn't even graduate from high school. States had to build the roads on there own with not much money, but the need because of the rise of automobiles.

The Great Depression

In 1929 the stock market crashed for a number of speculations, but it brought the U.S. economy to a pause. People tried to get savings from banks, companies couldn't pay workers, and many people were left with no jobs or food and money.

The New Deal

President Franklin D. Roosevelt made a plan to create agencies and programs to help out with problems of those who suffered in the depression. He did things to give food to the hungry and provide work for the jobless. This helped bring up the economy again and gave hope once again to the American people.

People - Political Voices and Outlaws

A legislature from Arkansas was made a U.S. congressman and then made the Governor of Arkansas. He had a voice for Arkansas because he supported the new deal to help out the country after the great depression. This is why there are many things named in honor after him in the state of Arkansas. In Arkansas and around the south there were many criminals during and after the depression, some of the most famous criminals were even here. Bonnie and Clyde were two very famous people who were well known from robbing things and other criminal activities in Arkansas and down south.