Ms. Phillips' 1st Grade Newsletter

Friday, February 12, 2016

Upcoming Dates:

  • February 12- Progress Reports Distributed
  • February 15- President's Day (School will be in session--Snow Day Makeup)
  • February 25- Last Day for Box Top Contest


Here is what we are looking forward to learning next week:

Word Work:

Words of the Week- stop, about, him, a, off, them

Word Family Pattern- op (stop, hop, drop, etc.)


Next week, we will be discovering why authors write the types of books they write, called Author's Purpose. We will use fiction and nonfiction books to decide if the aurthor wrote the book to persuade, inform, or entertain the readers.


The students have LOVED writing their nonfiction texts about their object this past week. I cannot wait to hang their books in the hallway; they turned out great! Next week, the students will begin learning how to write a persuasive piece of writing. I am excited to see what topics they choose to write about to persuade others! :)

Social Studies:

In lieu of President's Day, we will investigate the duties of a president and what makes this title special. The students will also learn more about our current president, Barack Obama.

Thank you for another week of learning! I appreciate your support in making this week special by ensuring your kiddo brought in a valentine for their buddies! They are so excited for their celebration this afternoon. Since progress reports are also going home this afternoon, please email or call me with any of your questions. I hope you have a blessed weekend filled with lots of treats and rest!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Christy Phillips