By Riley Martine


Ocelots eat small animals such as rabbits, iguanas, fish, frogs, and birds. They have pointed fangs and sharp back teeth for eating their prey. Their raspy tounges enable them to clean the bones.


Ocelots reside in tropical forests, savannah grasslands, mangrove forests and marshes, and thorn scrub regions. They can be found in southern Texas and every country south of the United States other than Chile.

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Ocelots are solidary. A single male ocelot coveres an area that overlaps several female territories.

They breed year-round in the tropics, but not in its northern territories.

One to three cubs can be expected from a birtrh and males are not a part of the cub's upbringing.


Ocelots living in captivity gererally live about 10 year longer than they would if they they were in the wild.

However, captivity drastically reduces the range of an ocelot.

Additionally, if ocelot cubs are bottle fed, it could result in future neglect as a mother or digestive diturbances due to inconsistant feeding techniques.