The Crissman Connection

September 3, 2019

Our first day was a success!

Good afternoon Crissman Families,

What a fabulous first day! Our Crissman Cougars had an amazing day getting to know their new teacher, their classroom and seeing new and old friends!

Just a reminder to return school information and paperwork, this includes Emergency Cards, Free/Reduced Lunch applications, Health forms, and the many other pieces of information that are required yearly.

See everyone tomorrow!

~Mrs. Papastamatis

A preview of this week...

Tuesday- Our First Day!

Wednesday- First Full Day of School


Lunch is popcorn chicken :)

Friday- Happy Friday!

Crissman's Open House

K-3 Open House is on Monday, September 16th @ 6:30pm

Grades 4th-6th Open House is Tuesday, September 17th @ 6:30pm

Bus Safety

UCS is the largest busing district in the state of Michigan! Crissman alone has 16 different buses servicing our students in the AM and in the PM. With approximately 250 bus drivers transporting about 18,000 children a day, safety is a priority. Some very important rules from the UCS Elementary Student Handbook on Bus Safety:

  • Students are dropped off and picked up in designated bus lanes near the school entrance.
  • Parents who drive their children to school must keep bus and fire lanes free by parking or standing only in designated areas.
  • Students should be at their assigned bus stops approximately ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. For the first two weeks of school, kindergarten, first and second-grade students riding the bus should wear a tag indicating their name, address, and bus number.
  • Student conduct while riding to and from school should be an extension of good classroom behavior. Whether at the bus stop or on the bus traveling to and from school or on an off-site field trip, students are expected to behave appropriately.
  • Obey the bus driver, show respect to the bus driver and fellow passengers
  • Remain seated at all times and keep all parts of the body inside the seating area.
  • Eating, drinking, and gum chewing are not allowed
  • Hold all carry-on items, such as backpacks, musical instruments, etc. in your lap
  • Board and exit the bus in an orderly manner at the assigned bus stop
  • Name-calling, vulgarity, profanity, abusive or derogatory comments or gestures, bullying, harassment, hate speech or threats of violence are prohibited
  • Use of electronic communication devices (such as cell phones or cameras) is not permitted
  • There are no preferential seat assignments, although bus driver or administrator may assign seats

Breakfast is Served!

Breakfast service at Crissman Elementary every morning. Students purchasing breakfast will be allowed to enter Crissman at 8:50am, reporting the gymnasium to purchase and consume breakfast items. If a student enters the building for breakfast, they must remain in the gymnasium until the bell rings at 9:00 AM, then head to their classroom when dismissed by our breakfast monitor.

A healthy, nutritious breakfast is a critical ingredient to the success of our students. To help our students succeed, the school breakfast program is available in all of our schools. Healthy choices include cereal, whole-grain breakfast bars, yogurt, fruit and milk in the elementary buildings. Those choices, along with fresh-made hot breakfast sandwiches and other favorites are featured in the secondary buildings. Fresh-made fruit smoothies are also available in all schools on certain menu days. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria prior to the start of the school day. For menu information and serving times at your student’s school, please check the school’s website or on the Utica Community Schools Mobile App.

Lunch Information

What Time Does My Child Eat Lunch?

Crissman will have two lunch shifts. The First Shift includes grades: K, 2, 6 and AIM classes. The Second Shift includes grades: 1, 3, 4,5.

The schedule is below:

First Shift: 12:00-12:20

Grades: K, 2, 6, and AIM Classes

Recess for Grades: 1, 3, 4, 5

**Kindergarten and AIM classes will arrive in the lunchroom around 11:45 AM with teacher support until 12:00 PM to allow for additional time to eat and clean up.

Second Shift: 12:20-12:40

Grades: 1,3,4,5

Recess for Grades: K, 2, 6 & AIM

Lunchroom expectations per UCS Elementary Handbook:

• Eat quietly and use good table manners. This year we will be talking about using Restaurant Voices when in the lunchroom.

• Remain seated until dismissed by an adult supervisor

• Place all trash and recyclable items in proper containers

• Leave the table in a clean condition for other students

• Show respect for others

Glass containers and knives are not allowed. Students are not permitted to take food or beverages outside the lunchroom without approval.

School Meal Prices for 2019-2020

School meal prices for students will remain unchanged for the 2019-2020 school year.

Elementary, Lunch $ 2.75

Junior High, Lunch $ 2.90

High School, Lunch $ 2.95

All Grades, Breakfast $ 1.75

More Lunch Notes

Forgotten Lunch:

Students sometimes forget their lunch at home. If a parent brings lunch to the office, we will call down to the classroom and the child can pick up his/her lunch on their way to the lunchroom.

Due to the large amount of students in the lunchroom, parents are not allowed to sit with their child to eat lunch in the lunchroom. If you would like to enjoy lunch with your child, please sign them out in the office.

Allergen Table Available

Crissman provides an allergen safe table for students who choose to utilize a more controlled eating environment to address allergen concerns. Students who choose to sit at that table either have an allergen safe lunch from home or have purchased a hot lunch, which is considered allergen safe (check Nutrislice online for more allergen information).

Crissman Picture Day

Practice those smiles for September 24th! We make every effort to fit in as many classes before lunch recess as possible that day, especially the younger students. Our retake day will be November 8th.

Birthday Treats

As we continue to focus on keeping our students healthy and happy, we will continue with our goal of promoting healthier choices.

All teachers and staff at Crissman support and encourage the recognition of a child's birthday during the school day. It is an annual milestone in every child's life that should be celebrated! While there are many wonderful and creative ways to celebrate a child's birthday in school, birthday celebrations will not include food treats. As adults, we will certainly acknowledge children who are celebrating a birthday in the same as usual (for example: a crown, a sticker, a visit to the principal). Some possibilities for recognizing the day in a variety of special ways that do not include food treats:

  • Class sings "Happy Birthday"
  • Morning "Happy Birthday" on the Announcements
  • Student reads a favorite book to class

Your child's teacher will have more information on how birthdays will be celebrated in the classroom. As educators, parents, and loved ones we all want what is best for our students.

Thank you in advance for your adherence to this practice!


Label everything.... lunchbox, lunch money, gym shoes, jackets, hats, etc. If your child is going to be absent, please call the attendance line (586) 797-4399.

Exciting News about lunch...

The Food and Nutrition Services Department is excited to announce that all menus are now digitally accessible on all devices to allow for personalized viewing options. Users can select to view nutritional and allergen information, as well as customize print and language settings. Menus can also be viewed at, or on the UCS Mobile App.

Big picture

Parking Lot Safety

I wanted to review the parking lot procedures for our school. I know that many of you may already know these procedures; however, it is always a great reminder for our families.

1) Use the student drop off zone located to the left of the parking lot entrance from 8:45 - 9:05 am. Please do not enter the bus loop during this time as it’s unsafe and causes additional congestion in the parking lot.

2) Student Drop-Off Lane: Move all the way to the back of this area (near the dumpsters/playground) and pull up next to the orange traffic cones. Once you arrive at the orange cones, please have your child exit the vehicle quickly and do not linger so that the next car may proceed in a timely manner. Please do not enter the area past the cones as this is a designated student pathway during this time. When your child has exited the car, please continue the “loop” around the end of the lot (in front of the dumpster/playground) and exit to Wolf Drive.

3) Parking in the Subdivision- Please do not park on the street where you see signs that say “No parking, Stopping, or Standing”. If you can read the sign when you are parking, do not park there OR if you are between the two signs, do not park there. Double Parking- Please do not park on both sides of the street. Our buses need to get through. The Shelby Township Police can give you a ticket.

Thank you so much for your patience and support!

As always, if you arrive past 9:00 am, please accompany your child to the office and sign them in.

Crissman PTA

Our PTA works together for our students! Here's the link to their Facebook page:

About our school

The mission of Crissman Elementary School, in partnership with parents and the community, is to provide a safe, positive and productive learning environment that fosters academic excellence and recognizes individual uniqueness. We will strive to prepare students for their future in an ever changing world.