..pause for a moment


Big picture


- SHOUT OUT to our special ed team for knocking out about a million ieps.

- For awhile, we may have more questions than answers.

- I appreciate your commitment to our students. We are all going to have to learn new things, but we can do it.

"Can't believe it is almost September. It seems like March was just 16 years ago." HA.

SO, what is happening?

You probably know that the district joined the ISEA in filing a lawsuit. The point of the lawsuit isn't specifically to open schools or keep schools closed. The focus is local control -- meaning that ICCSD is asking for our school board to have the authority to make decisions without seeking permission from the Governor. The suit is scheduled to be heard by the court on Sept 3

Meanwhile, with covid positivity rates rising, the district did follow the Governor's process and applied for a waiver which would allow us to start 100% remote. The waiver was granted. However, that is not the same as a decision. Our school board will meet Saturday morning at 9am. Here is the zoom link if you'd like to watch.

I expect we'll know Saturday morning whether we'll start in the hybrid model or the 100% remote model. Our Monday morning meeting will happen either way.

Like in the spring, everyone will continue to be paid if we are 100% remote. The differences now are that you will likely have work to do AND you'll need to use time clock.

WELCOME BACK! -- we all officially start the 20-21 school year on August 31 :)


Overview of week of August 31

This schedule has been slightly revised. Most importantly it includes the zoom links needed for Monday.

Everything can, and is encouraged to, be done remotely.

You may come into the building, but it is not required or encouraged.

Paras, if you need a chromebook to be able to participate on Monday, please contact the help desk.

If you are an hourly employee, you need to clock in and out on Monday.


Return to Learn Guide

Health & Safety

Materials Distribution

Wednesday, September 2; 4 - 7pm

We will gather some essential materials including a device for students and then families will drive through to pick them up. This will work much like the pick up of student belongings.

Mary Priske is overseeing the process of prepping chromebooks and a tech info page (which will include all their info and their clever badge).

Classroom teachers: you will need to gather the supplies, put them in a bag which will be provided, add their device, tie the bag, put a tape label on the bag with student last name, first.

All bags will be staged in alphabetical order in the gym. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

I know the big question is: when to do this? and who will do it?

I expect that a lot of this will be done on Monday afternoon. If you are not in SuperKids or Wonders training, you're probably available to help. There will also be a bit of time on Tuesday afternoon after the speaker. We'll need all available hands to help -- and still follow social distancing guidelines.

On Wednesday, the following people will help with distribution:

specials teachers, support staff (ELL, ELP, SFA, special ed, academic support, IDS)

This evening responsibility is replacing the typical ice cream social. Here is a sign-up sheet for a shift.

Note: we plan to hold another distribution on Sept 16 to provide more unique and specific items.

What will go in the bag? Here is the list

We will also give out school supplies to the people who ordered them and student belongings that were not picked up in the spring.


Stay alert to your email .... info is coming constantly now. FLUID and FLEXIBLE will be the F words of the year.


1. Read the Return to Learn Plan.

2. Plan to gather your students' things for the material distribution (see more info above)

3. Homeroom Teachers only: Plan for Meet & Greets . I will email you a template to use.

4. Communicate next weeks' plans by 4pm on Friday


1. Prepare to attend PD on Monday - contact the help desk if you need a device. Remember, the help desk will not be open over the weekend.

2. Clock in on Monday


1. Take care of you, so that we can all start strong, healthy and peaceful.

2. Hang on to the excitement and joy of a new school year .... no matter what.

Looking Ahead

August 29: Special School Board meeting to determine model for starting school

Sept 2: Materials distribution (4-7)

Sept 3: Meet & Greet zooms (times are staggered between 3pm and 8pm and are still be finalized)

Sept. 7: Labor Day

Sept. 8: First day of school!!!!

Remember, early out/PD will now be on Wednesdays.