Stilwell Monday Message

Weekly Student and Family Communication

Monday - 11/23/2020

Good Morning Stilwell students and families,

As we enter into our second week of school, we would like to remind students that your teachers can and have been pulling you to attend small group instruction. Please remember that you are responsible for attending these sessions as your teachers are working to provide additional supports, enrichments, and many other opportunities to support what you know and are able to do within their course.

Students, please do not hesitate to reach out to your teachers via email if you feel that you are needing additional help or guidance.

Erica Whittle - Principal


The Fall 2020 Mime Show, "Working Mime to Five: Mimes at Work," ran from October 19-November 12. Students worked together to create groups and skits that focused on specific jobs such as birthday clowns, exterminators, and paranormal investigators. And while this show looked a bit different this year, both in rehearsals and during the performances, the students both in the cast and crew worked hard to create such a fun show! Students filled in where needed, listened to each others' ideas, and had a lot of fun. While we were unable to have an audience for this show, we spent the last week recording the skits and have compiled them together! We hope you enjoy the Stilwell Fall 2020 Mime Show!

CLICK HERE for a list of the cast and crew.

Stilwell 11.17.2020 PTO meeting
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Stilwell Student Handbook 20-21

Throughout this year you may have questions, need clarifications, or might need to see who you can turn to for help. Please start with the Junior High Schools Handbook.