Graduation Party


Our Graduation is coming up !!!

Lets face it, we have been through a lot of crap over the years and somehow we have made it through, we even managed to do so WITHOUT killing someone (thou at times, we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to). So I say we celebrate!!!!

mAd HaTtEr

You may be thinking, "but... Cami, we are all too lazy to plan a party....". EGG-xactly, that's why this part is Mad Hatter themed, no rules, no dress code, just show up bring food, wear whatever you like and we will have loads of fun!


  • Get to party
  • Eat food
  • Play games
  • watch movies
  • ect.


This will be potluck style, so bring whatever you want, there will be tea provided, after all this is a Mad Hatter TEA party!

What to wear?

Wear whatever! Wear pj's or put on a costume, it doesnt matter to the Hatter!

What else to bring

Bring our Favorite: Games, Movies, snack or whatever you think will be fun!