Northern Hills Library News

August/September 2014

Welcome Back!

We are so happy to have all of our reading friends back again this year. We've been busy learning library procedures, proper book care, and checking out books. In addition, students were taught about copyright during digital citizenship lessons.

Library Statistics

  • 29 classes had orientation and digital citizenship lessons
  • 31 classes came in for lessons (TEKS addressed 3B, 1A)
  • 47 classes came in for check out
  • 3,448 items were checked out

We Are Transforming!

The library is currently under renovation to add an instructional area and improve the layout of the library. A Smart Board will be installed in the area where a gazebo was previously standing. This area will also serve as a reading and library centers space.

Genre What?

In the process of relocating the fiction books all of the books were put into genres. The books are divided into ten different genres. Putting the fiction books into genres makes it easier for the students to find their just right books.
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Upcoming Events

  • October 3rd-Bluebonnet book kickoff (3-5 grades)
  • October 3rd-Battle of the Books kickoff (4th grade)
  • November 3-7 Book Fair