kimberly moreno & sarah wolters

what is the meaning of dictatorship?

The meaning of dictatorship is a single person or group exercises

supreme power based on its control of the military and police

Pros and Cons of Dictatorship

Pros: Dictatorship can be ruled by one person, and there is no argument in the government.

Cons: You have strict rules to prevent uprisings and few rights. People also go missing if they disobey or speak out against leadership.

where is dictatorship still happening?

dictator: Hitler

Hitler ran for President but was second behind the ageing Hindenburg. He was well known as he had great history in the military and was a decorated WWI veteran. He believed that germany had the right as an empire to be strong. He got to focused that he went "crazy." He thought that Sparta's treatment of deformed children was brilliant. Hitler accused the Socialists/Communists then he became a Dictator and dissolved all parties except for the Nazi party.