Bunburying 101

How to successfully pull off the art of Bunburying

What is Bunburying...?

Bunburying is the act of making a fictional person in another location who is used for the purpose for getting out of situations. It may be to get money, or even to get pleasure, but this guide will help you out.

Materials for Bunburying

The main thing needed to orchestrate the art of Bunburying is supplies. They're essential to not getting caught. So here's some recommended supplies to begin Bunburying the right way.

  • A new cell phone
  • A planner
  • A decent amount of money
  • Some Alibis
  • New clothes
  • A new personality
  • An emergency supply crate in case something goes wrong

Preparing to Bunbury

As Confucius once said: "Success depends on previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure." So, here's some tips on how to prepare to Bunbury.

  • Buy everything with personal cash only
  • Buy different items at different stores
  • Conceal the items with normal ones
  • When going to your new things (ID, Driver's License, phone, etc.), dress up and act like the way your second life would

Managing Bunburying

It will be tough to manage going back and forth between your two lives, but don't worry, here are some more tips to help.

  • Make sure to keep the homes far away, so the lives won't intersect
  • Have fake trips involving work
  • Have a nice amount of money on hand in order to bribe anyone who catches you
  • Know what traffic is where to get to each place in a timely manner

Possible problems that can happen while Bunburying

When Bunburying, you will more likely than not, have some problems on the way. Here's some of the problems that you should watch out for.

  • You are arrested
  • You are blackmailed
  • The two lives intersect
  • Parts from one life are accidentally put into the other
  • Two people from both lives become friends

Precautions while Bunburying

Here's a list of some precautions for you to have so if any problems happen, you won't be caught as easily.

  • Extra Money
  • A third identity
  • A place far away, preferably in another country
  • More than one storage container
  • A really good lawyer
  • A way to get off of the grid
That's the end of this guide to Bunburying. It will be good if this helps. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.