The Brave and the Bold The Taiga!

Where memories are made!

Come to the Taiga Biome today!!


  • It is a great place to make memories with family and friends with its great wildlife and environment!
  • It also is a great place to enjoy the view and calm down by getting away from the stress that is the real world, and by getting away from those little gadgets no one understands!

Information on the Taiga.

The Taiga has many cool qualities. ha-ha get it? "cool" qualities. No one....OK.... Anyhow, some great things are the great sight seeing areas that can make a great panoramic picture that will make all your friends jealous. The area is cool so you don't have to stack up on clothes that are bulky and make you look like a dork. And you can see many great animals that will amaze you and your friends/family. But don't get to close! Some of these animals are vicious.

What should you bring?

There are many basic things you should bring like plenty of water, but here are the main things:

Plenty of food

Friends so that if anything happens you have someone to take care of you!

Nice warm clothes so that you can be warm comfy on your long journey.

Binoculars so you can see the great sights of the Taiga

And a communication device so you can call back if anything goes wrong.