Schools in New Zealand

By: Grace, Karissa, and Alex

Their Schedule

The daily, weekly, and yearly schedule for kids in New Zealand is much different than ours in the U.S. They start off their day with their first class which is an hour and 10 minutes, the same length as all the other classes. After class, they go to morning tea for 20 minutes. Tea time is a student recess or snack time. When they finish with tea time they go to their second class, then lunch which is 40 to 50 minutes. Once they're done with lunch they go to their third class. Next, they have their afternoon tea which is another 20 minutes. Then their last class of the day follows their last tea time. New Zealand students go to school for six days a week. As for the school year, it has four terms. They go to school from the end of January to the middle of April followed by a two week break. Then, they go from late April until the beginning of July with another two week break. Next, they go from the middle of July to late September followed by another break. Last, they go from mid October to mid December with a six week long summer break after. New Zealand is considered to have year round school.

Classes and Technology

Like the U.S., New Zealand has certain classes they are required take. The mandatory classes are mathematics, english, physical education, social studies and science. They have a wide range of extra curricular options such as wood working, dance, drama, art, graphics, music and a choice of languages. Students in New Zealand have use of iPads, computers, and smart boards, much like America. In a way their classes aren't much different than our American schools. The majority of classes offered and required there are offered and required here also. Teachers in New Zealand don't give out homework unless it's absolutely nessicary. Their schools system is modern and helps produce leaders for the 21st century.

School System

As for their school system there are many similarities and differences between our countries. New Zealand children can go to Early Childhood Education when they are under the age of 5, much like our pre-school. Also, like American they have an Elementary, Middle, and High School, called Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary. Primary Schools are ages 5-11 and years 1-6; all primary schools are public. Intermediate Schools have ages 11-13 and years 7-8. Then they go to what we would call high school, which is their Secondary School. They go there from ages 13-18 and years 9-13. New Zealand students got to school for a total of 13 years, not including Early Childhood Education.

Our Schools Need Change

New Zealand schools score higher than American schools for a lot of reasons. Their education system is a lot more laid back than America's, such as breaks throughout the day and little to no homework. Yet they still manage to get higher test scores than us. Like the United States they still offer all the main core classes and other extra curriculars. America's schools need to see a change.