Nuclear Fusion

By : Thomas Jameson 5/5/2016

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We are working on finding a new way to create energy that is powerful enough to support the growing population and cheap enough to be used across the globe

Nuclear Fusion vs Nuclear Fission

There is a huge difference between these two forms of energy, nuclear fusion happens in stars and nuclear fission occurs in human made tests and never found in nature. The other main difference between the two is that fission is the splitting of two atoms and fusion is the fusing or adding of two atoms.

Nuclear Fusion

There is an extreme amount of energy needed to bring the two atoms together, but the energy released is 3-4 times greater than nuclear fission. There is a problem with using nuclear fusion as an energy source, that is the possibility of a dangerous nuclear reaction.

Is Nuclear Fusion The "Perfect Energy Source"

Some people believe that nuclear fusion can and will end the energy crisis across the globe. But others see it as a way to speed global warming and kill many workers. Not only does the cost to create plants safe enough to complete the process, there is a lot of pollution involved throughout. Including the burning of fossil fuels to heat the atoms enough to fuse.