Module 7

Tessa Bartlome

  • What safety precautions have you set to protect your iPad? My iPad has a passcode. I also have it set up so that there cannot be reoccurring purchases on my iPad.

  • What are two settings you found this week that you didn't know about before? Will these settings be useful to you in some way? Explain. I found the setting for Background App Refresh and turned off some of the apps to save battery life.

  • Explain three accessories or instructional tools that we learned about this week that interested you or you are able to use. Explain how you will or could use these tools. I really like the smore tool. I think it is something that I will use and I liked that I didnt have to download an app to use it. Spent a little bit of time on Viocethread a fter I downloaded the app but I am not sure that it is something I would use. I would like to get some speakers for my ipad. I think that would be useful for the lesson plans I created using grooveshark music.
  • Share at least one tip or trick regarding using the iPad in general or using the iPad in your classroom.
  • Anything else you would like to share for the good of the group!