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February 2022

Principal's Pen

One thing they talk about as a plus in education is that it is unpredictable and so never boring; this has never been more true than it is right now. It seems that every other day is a blizzard, or -40 degrees, or raining and while I recognize this is Saskatchewan and weather changes quickly this is getting ridiculous for everyone. Our bus drivers have a stressful job at the best of times, after all driving 30 kids that belong to other people is never easy and they do amazing. Having to do so in these kinds of conditions and being responsible for the safety of 5-18 year olds all with different needs and ideas of what to do is not for everyone. We have had more bus canceled days than in a lot of years, but when it comes to kids making sure that they are safe is always our number one priority. Thank you for all you do.

The school has received a lot of phone calls, emails, texts from people over the last while asking questions as things are changing. It seems just as we get one thing figured out it changes. This can seem frustrating but as things evolve we need to expect that changes are going to happen. It is simply not possible to get things perfect and never have to change what was decided when everything around us is changing. We appreciate those who are able to adapt with us and understand the shifting environment that we all have to deal with. It is good practice for life as it tends to throw new things at us without warning and we either adapt or we fail. These are lessons we have tried to teach in school for a long time and now we are seeing them first hand. Everyone deals with these types of things differently and it is interesting to see how the student body is a reflection of society as some handle things well, others tend to struggle.

It seems like there is a real divide right now, people are entrenched in their ideas and beliefs and as a school we do our best to stay relatively neutral. We must follow the mandates laid out for us in order to continue to have students in the building, but we work hard to respect what everyone has to say so long as it is not causing harm to those around them. I have had phone calls from people adamant that we are not doing enough and that we need to protect students and keep them safe no matter what. I have also had calls saying that we are doing to much and students need to look after themselves because once they leave us they are on their own. I like to think it is somewhere in the middle.

Of course it is our job to keep students safe, but that should be a long term view. We need to teach them how to protect themselves and be responsible for themselves while respecting the well being of those around them. We can’t expect students to just be able to look after themselves if they have never been taught how. We can’t expect them to have empathy for others if they have never seen it modeled. We want independence, but we want responsible independence and that is something that has to be molded and taught because the alternative is not a goal we should strive for. Extremes in any direction is not a good thing, the problem seems to be that not everyone can recognize where that extreme begins. Just remember the school is not here to indoctrinate either way, we are just here to give the best opportunities we can for the students in our building.

Greg Knot


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