Global Warming

Are human activities causing global warming?


Global warming was started in the 90's and is when the average temperature of the climate and oceans rises. The growing amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are caused by the amount of deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels. The average temperature on Earth is rising and will keep rising into the future. For example, global warming is occurring in Antartica severely. The ice bergs are melting and animals that live there are losing their habitats. Is global warming really our fault though?

Human activities are causing global warming.

- Greenhouse gas emissions are rising by human activities.

- Deforestation by humans are not letting plants photosynthesize and can't get rudnof greenhouse gases.

- Greenhouse gases are gases in the atmosphere that absorb and emit radiation.

- Carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmoshpere.

Human activities are not causing global warming.

- Global warming is just part of the cycle Earth goes through.

- For the past dozen years there has been a steady incline in the temperature on Earth.

- Global temperatures have stopped increasing over the past few years.

Created by: Carter Hennigan and Grant Carver

This video shows what global warming is and how humans effect it. Global warming can increase global temperatures severely and destroy habitats. Humans can either have a good effect or bad effect on global warming.