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Banned Books Week - Books Unite Us, Censorship Divides Us!

I love the conversations that develop from our Banned Books Week displays. Many times, students and staff alike are shocked to see titles that have been banned in certain municipalities. Some of these books are considered classics, may be required reading, or the hottest YA fiction of the year. Have you read a banned book lately? My last one was The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Mental Health Awareness Month

You are not alone. Millions of people, young and old, are living with mental health condition. Here are some amazing resources for more support and information.

RJUHSD Wellness Centers - located at each high school campus!

Cameron's Collection - Just for teens! EBooks covering many mental health topics. Just click the link for access!

OHS Library Resources - Links directly to our collection of books and websites with information regarding mental health, meditation, etc.

NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness

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Library Cards unlock free resources!

Sacramento Public Library - Free access to eBooks, audiobooks, home kits, databases, language tools, and the New York Times!

Roseville Public Library - Free access to homework help, research tools, computers, story time and much more!

Online Databases - Better, faster, stronger than Google!

The State of California and our District provide subscription databases for staff and students to access the best in academic research resources available. You must be a member of RJUHSD to access. Click the button below for access.

Great apps and websites for education!

Tynker - Coding is where it is at! This site offers everything from basic coding to AP Computer Science. You can start for free, but most of the plans have a monthly fee attached. There are three levels of Tynker apps you can explore too!

Tomplay Sheet Music - Sheet music that scrolls across the screen for you! No flipping of pages. You select your instrument, select your sheet music, select your tempo, record yourself and more. There is a free 14 day trial. Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac/PC, or Android devices.

MyStudyLife - Pick a device or all of them if you want. This is a great tool to help you track and plan your day. Tests, deadlines, and homework have all met their match with MyStudyLife.

Notes from the circ desk...

There has been a lot of discussion regarding information and digital literacy. These skills are important not just academically, but everyday. I wanted to find a straight forward overview of Information Literacy so staff, students and parents have a more complete understanding of what instruction in that area may look like. Take a moment to view What is Information Literacy?

The creator has a Masters in Library Science and succinctly reviews the major concepts of Information Literacy.

My door is open if you would like to talk about these skills, instruction for your classes, or just a conversation about our library program.

Currently, I am reading Asylum by Madeline Roux. How about you?