Task 1

Personal Attributes Valued By Employers By Benhur Mehari

Explanation Of Personal Attributes

One of the specific attributes that employers value is having the right level of technical knowledge. For example we’re a software engineers and we need to know at least two languages, for example Java and C#. if we Have the correct training, qualifications and technical knowledge related to the job specification the employers will employee us because that is what they are looking for

Even though you have the right knowledge related to the job, employers will look for employees that have good knowledge of working standards. Understanding good working procedures such as health, team player and safety and security this shows that your working environment is a safe and welcoming place for you, co-workers and your employers.

General Attributes

The General attributes that employers value, Key skills such as planning and organisation are needed so that you can plan your daily tasks and manage your time effectively so that you can meet your deadlines. Planning and organisation is valued skill by employers, because it shows that an employee is self-confident to break the task down into manageable tasks and finish it in a responsible and reasonable time. If you are a good planner and you manege your time properly, it shows your employers that can do multiple tasks and/or projects and you can meet your deadlines.Employers value this skill

Most Employers want their employees to have great communication skills. Verbal skills are important to have because it allows you to communicate with your co-worker and customers with is ease, it also shows that you can communicate at a professional level. This is essential in building good relationships with co-worker, business and employers.

You also need to have excellent written communication because you would be asked to write a presentations, email and document from your employer in several occasions, if you can’t do these things in a professional level you won’t be able to get a promotion because there are a lot of people who can do those things and more, so it it essential to have these attributes.


Integrity: Giving your work your all and working in an honest manner making sure that you act in a professional and ethical manner that shows you respect your employer and co-workers, and that you want to do things in the right way. It means that you can be trusted and can be given responsibility.

Dependable: Being dependable and always being willing to go the extra mile. Is a valuable personal attribute seen by employers. Sometimes just turning up on time doesn't mean you are dependable but the willingness to adapt to situations and stay late when needed by a manager shows them that they can depend on you to meet deadlines when you are under pressure.