Mrs. Trout's Weekly News

September 21st-25th

We had an amazing week learning all about APPLES!!! The students learned how apples grow, what they smell, feel and taste like and what foods can be made from them. Check out below to find out some of the cool activities and lessons we learned! We concluded our apple investigation by making apple pancakes, Johnny Appleseed puppets and hats and having fun!!!

Here is what we learned:

Language Arts: We continued to review the sight words am and I. We read a variety of books about Johnny Appleseed. We learned about his life. We discussed how he helped plant many apple tress. We charted facts we learned about Johnny. Students l illustrated and wrote facts about this gentle pioneer! Students sequenced facts about Johnny Appleseed! The students also worked in differentiated reading groups. We focused on learning good reading strategies (using our pointy finger, using the pictures as clues, sounding out the words, etc..) Students read books with our sight words in them. Students also worked in literacy centers focusing on rhyming words, beginning sounds, and letter writing.

Letters of the week: Students learned about the letters E and F and the sounds they make. Students helped in brainstorming a list of words that begin with these letters. Students completed a variety of phonemic activities using these letters. Students tried and write words that begin with these letters and challenge themselves to write these words in sentences.

Math: Students used their math skills to investigate apples. We sorted, graphed, weighed, and measured our apples. We discussed which apple brought in from home is the biggest- smallest. We sorted the apples by color and size. We measured our apples using snap cubes. We also measured out ingredients to make homemade applesauce.

Social Studies: Students learned all about apples! We learned the life cycle of an apple tree and how apples grow. We completed a graphic organizer chart all about apples. Students sequenced the growth of an apple and apple tree, wrote and illustrated facts about apples and even charted and discussed the types of foods apples can make.

Apple Investigation in action

Reminders and upcoming events:

Movie Night is tonight!!!! See you starting at 5:30 with food trucks and a great movie!!

First Quarter Conference sign ups are now available. Here is the link to sign up for a time:

Also, thank you for the quick response to our fall field trip to Cherry Crest Farms!! I now have all 3 Chaperone slots filled! We will have other trips planned, so if you did not get on this trip we will try our best to have you chaperone the next one!

October 2nd will be picture day!! Students will need to wear their formal uniforms!

Have a super weekend!!! See you tonight!