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Ramses Rampage!

Some say, Ramses II ruled for a bit too long. His son, Merneptah, says: "My father was a great ruler, but I think I should have more time to rule the land."

A commoner who requested not to say his name, said,"I am with Ramses 100%; anything he says I will follow and support."

Others say that his long reign helped Egypt, and that he was the best pharaoh of all time.

Many New Scribes are Willing to Help Your Business

We have five new scribes out of training, and some are even willing to count the hands (they do not know what that means yet). The scribes come with clean clay tablets. Knock on our door to find out more!
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Ramses II Asks Architects to do the Impossible

Some people think his request is ludicrous, but others say differently. Here is a message from a local architect:

"He wants our team to make light shine on his face, and for him to be as tall as the gods. This might take as long as the pyramids!" Hubnub, 24, architect.

Ramses II also requested that his wife, Nefertari, takes a small portion of his temple.

Remember to wake up early and come to the finished Abu Simbel on February 22nd, and if you can not make it come on October 22nd.

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More Information about Abu Simbel

To resemble Ramses rule, architects will build three or four statues of him. They are currently clearing out a too hundred foot hallway that will be filled with artwork. It will be two separate temples, and as we said one will be dedicated to Ramses II wife, Nefertari. Many architects agree, that it will truly be a masterpiece, that the whole world should witness.
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House of Life

The "House of Life" is an exclusive school for brilliant kids. One of our policies is that you can be in any social rank and still be accepted. 95% of kids end up being successful and in the upper class. The other 5% end up in the high middle class, and still have opportunities for them and their families.
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Chariots Sale, 5 lbs Off!

We have just received are best shipment yet, from our trusted chariot place from Mesopotamia (Chariots4U Inc.). They are all trained, and now come with sturdier wheels and a smoother ride. Small chariots were originally 13 pounds, and larger chariots were 20 pounds. Small chariots (seat two people) for 8 pounds of gold. Larger chariots (seat four people) for 15 pounds of gold.
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Crop Forecast In Cairo

Check how the weather will affect your crops. We are expecting a fairly sunny week, but there might be some sun showers. Studies show that if you follow the weather forecast, your crops will be better and people will enjoy your crops better. Enjoy the weather!
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Commoner's Testomonies

Here are some words from our happy citizens of Egypt:

"I am very grateful that Nile flooded this year, and my crops are doing well. I have to thank Ra," Joe, 27, Farmer.

"I tried to get in the House of Life, but it was very challenging. I guess I was not fit for it," Billy, 13, Student.

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