Reflection Journal Spring 2013

Cardinal Stritch University SEDU 550 and 555

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What you need to complete

You will first create your own account at You will submit 3 journal entries during your student teaching experience on the page that you create. The prompt for entries 1-3 are listed below. On the Smore you create, you will click add content for each new entry. You should number your entries 1-3. Share your entries with everyone in the cohort. Make a comment to at least one other entry during the week following the journal entry date. In addition to text you can add pictures, audio and links to things that inspire you.

Email Addresses for all cohort members.

Journal Entry 1

  1. What information does a teacher have about student with special needs before the first day of class?
  2. What are the sources of that information?
  3. How much does the teacher rely upon the comments of other teachers when getting to know new students?
  4. If you could know only 2 specific characteristics of each pupil at the end of the first day of class, what would these be? Why?
  5. What information is most useful for managing pupils in the classroom?

Watch the video Teacher Quotes

Journal Entry 2

Interview two Parents regarding their perceptions of and attitudes toward formal classroom assessments. Your entry should address numbers 1 and 2 below.

1. Compare and contrast the responses of each interviewee. Related to these questions:

  1. Are formal assessments important? Why or why not?
  2. Do assessments reflect student learning accurately? Why or why not?
  3. How can formal assessments be improved?
  4. Do you feel that a different method would better assess your student's achievement? If so, describe this assessment method?

2. What do you think is the cause of the differences in responses?

Journal Entry 3

Journal Entry # 3-Grading and Testing

1. What information do you use when determining a grade?

2. Will all the information count equally?

3. What information do you provide parents and students about your grading system?

4. How can a teacher help reduce pupils’ test anxiety while maintaining their motivation to do well on a test?

5. How should a teacher respond to cheating? Should all forms of cheating be treated the same way?

Journal Entry 4

Topics will be included in the weekly session

Special Education Department Mission

...preparing highly competent and ethical educators who facilitate the development and integration of students with behavior, developmental and learning challenges