Sales Promotions

Ryan Edwards

Premium Item Give-aways

Premium item giveaways are promotional events where the first few thousand fans get a special commemorative item such as an actual base from a baseball game. There are many differenet choices of items to give away at sporting and entertainment events.
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Contests & Sweepstakes

Contests are promotions awarding prizes to winners based on skills they demonstrate compared to others. Contest award winners are often determined by a panel of judges. Sweepstakes or drawings are based on luck, winners are determined by random selection.

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Samping is when free samples of the product being sold are given out to potential customers in orderto try and persuade them to purchase more.
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Point-Of-Purchase Displays

Point of purchase displays are specially designed materials intended for placement in retail stores. These displays allow products to be prominently presented, often in high traffic areas, and thereby increase the probability the product will standout.
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Special Events

Special events are staged events that are designed to increase attendance and intrigue in a team and or product.


Coupons can be used as a way to attract new customers or to develop customer loyalty. They can be given put in many different ways.
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