Yeh - Shen China

By: Ed young and Ai Ling Louie

In a book called Yeh Shen, there is a young Chinese girl named Yeh - Shen. She has a stepsister and stepmother. They were very cruel to Yeh - Shen yet she didn't do anything to deserve the cruelness. One day yeh shen found a fish and decided to keep it the fish lived in the koi pond for its lifetime one day the step mother found out that yeh shen was keepng a fish without her stepmothers permission. so the stepmother decided to kill the fish and eat it for supper the only thing yeh shen got was the fished bones she was very upset so one day an old man appeared before yeh shen the old man told her that the fish had magical properties so the old man told her to go and wish for somethign but she could only wish for something she needed yeh shen wished for something to wear for the festival so one day she lost the gold shoe and then she went out to go and look for the shoe but it turns out that a king had found the shoe so the went to try on the shoe and it fit then yeh shen married the king and she lived happily ever after.