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About iTrainedU

iTrainedU (iTU) is an Interactive Player Development System designed to prepare and promote aspiring basketball players to next level opportunities. iTU utilizes a proprietary custom progression skill development training program to build the ROOT fundamentals of a student-athlete’s game with over 8000 specialized individual skill drills. iTU positions student-athletes to network with coaches, trainers, and peers to communicate on a continuous basis throughout the player’s career as a student and beyond.

Build A Basketball Business

Become an Affiliate!

Our Affiliate Marketing Program is an exciting way to earn revenue while you encourage your basketball community to receive the elite basketball training they need to reach the next level. Get paid for every youth that signs up to iTrainedU using your link/promotion code, no follow up or extra work needed: we’ll take it from there!

Become an Independent Business Owner!

As an IBO receive a commission on all personal referrals who become a member, plus an additional commission on all your members who refer subscribers to the program.

In addition, you will receive quality business training to grow your brand nation wide.

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