All about Lineville

By: Max Glen


Hòla 4th graders! That mean's hello in Spanish. I am Max Glen and I will help you survive your first year at Lineville.


Lockers may seem hard and confusing but they are actually really easy to open. First you clear the lock by turning it right about 3 times. Then you go to your first number, still turning right. Next once you are on your number spin it to the left past your first number 1 time, then go to your next number. Finally go to straight to your last number without going past it. So now I hope it doesn't seem so hard to open a lock now. But if it still does just watch my video so it will make it seem easier.


Specials are much different that elementary school. In gym there are way different units such as.

  • Archery

  • Swimming

  • Dare

  • Hoops for heart

  • There are tons of basketball hoops

  • We have a scoreboard

We don't have the guidance councilor come to your room, but we have Spanish and technology too. In technology we work with computers and in Spanish you learn how to say stuff in Spanish. In music there are 3 choices they are band, choir, and orchestra. In band you have 5 instrument choices they are trombone, trumpet, baritone, clarinet, and flute. In choir all you do is sing nothing else no instruments. If you are in orchestra there is the bass, cello, violin, and viola. So just from this one paragraph I hope you now know the differences between specials.


The hallway is much different in Lineville. There is the zero zone which is red tape area. In the zero zone you can not talk because there are 6th grade classes going on in that area. I honestly don't like the zero zone but I have to deal with it anyways. But there is also the hallways were you can talk, the blue tape area. The blue tape area is way better than the zero zone. In the blue tape area you have to whisper though, so it kind of takes the fun away of talking in the hall. So overall the hallways are way different than elementary school.

Discipline at Lineville

Lineville is much different than Elementary school. One thing that is different about Lineville is discipline. In Lineville you can get majors, minors, noons and even M.A.S.H. But there is also good discipline you can earn your house incentive for getting under 3 minors or no majors. Some examples are getting ice cream, having a game day, maybe even a bouncy house! So not all discipline is bad at Lineville.

Lineville Houses

In Lineville there are 8 houses. They are all different in many ways. These houses are,

  • Beach house

  • I house

  • Club house

  • Epic house

  • Unity house

  • High five house

  • Phoenix house

  • Nelson house

Those are 8 houses in Lineville. Club house gives out the least amount of homework, I house gives the most amount of homework. All houses are great as long as the kids in the house get along. The way different thing about houses is you don't stay with 1 teacher the whole day. So over all Lineville is much different than elementary.


So I hope that this will help you survive your first torcherus year at Lineville. Good luck...
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