Big Walnut Elementary

Parent Update ~ 10.9.15

Welcome to Fall!

We have had a great week at BWE. The children are certainly enjoying the change in the weather. I have been observing them on their leaf, nature and insect "hunts" at recess! Pretty amusing!

Just a few quick things to keep in mind: Conferences are coming up-if you are not scheduled, please discuss with your teacher and/or call the office.

Instructions are coming home today in the RED folders regarding parent set-up for the online grade cards.

State of the Schools is November 5th @ 6:30 pm at the BWMS- The district is excited to not only tell you about what is happening at Big Walnut....but we will be showing you! Exciting stuff - Stay tuned for more information! All of the buildings will be highlighted and some of our very own students will be "presenting".

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Important Dates:

October 16th - End of the 1st quarter

October 26th - Conference Night

October 28th - NO SCHOOL FOR KINDER, BWE Conference Night

October 29th - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS, BWE Conference Day

October 30th - NO SCHOOL

November 5th - State of the Schools, 6:30 @ BWMS

November 6th - Harvest Parties, 2:30

November 25-27th - Thanksgiving Break

November 30th - NO SCHOOL

December 14th - Winter Musical, 6:30

Keating's Leadership Crew for September:

Congratulations to the following students for being our BWE leaders.

  • Shelby Damron
  • Joseph Springer
  • Audrey Gunder
  • Addelynn Alexander
  • Hayden Krous
  • Myleigh Potts
  • Bradley Krajweski
  • Ava Tackett
  • Lauren Baughman
  • Racehl Brown
  • Brielle Fox
  • Carson Filler
  • Josie Graziosi
  • Conor Watters
  • Adam Wilhelm
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Thank you to everyone who is submitting! Help us recognize more superstar acts!

  • Ms. Diana would like to brag about Jill for going the extra mile.

  • Mrs. Stinnette would like to brag about Mrs. Olson for sharing her secrets to success and Mrs. Horman for helping with KRA’s. Mrs. Stinnette would also like to brag about Ms. Jill and Ms. Diana for helping with the conference schedule.. Mrs. Stinnette would also like to brag about Mrs. Clark and being “KRA” certified.

  • Mrs. Tarney would like to brag about Mrs. Badger for starting a quiet game during lunch, and Ms. Diana and Ms. Jill for being a great nurses. Mrs. Tarney also wants to thank Mrs. Glidden for being a great lunch helper with our little BWE students.

  • Mrs. Boehm would like to brag about Mrs. Gallo for going the extra mile during lunch duty with 4th graders.

  • Mrs. Cannell would like to brag about Mrs. Boehm for helping her find tables for her classroom and Mr. Cantlebury for helping set up and clean Mrs. Cannell’s tables.

  • Mrs. Smith (Kinder parent) would like to brag about Mrs. Stinnette for always returning e-mails.

  • Mrs. Barno for letting us know what day it is!!

Miss Diana and Miss Jill earned their YELLOW brag tags!!

Check out this amazingly personalized bulletin board!

This Week...In Their Words:

BWE Kindergarten 10.9.15
BWE 1st Grade 10.9.15
BWE 2nd Grade 10.9.15
BWE 3rd Grade 10.9.15
BWE 4th Grade 10.9.15

Robin Keating, Principal