Drug lords

By: Jaidyn Arrick

Whats happening?

Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo "Joaquin Guzman" has been sent back to prison once again for selling some of the worlds most harmful drugs such as coke,heroine and many other drugs.

Why is it happening?

El chapo has been trying to make money just like everyone else but he took the way that can get you thrown in prison for many years. El Chapo was a person that was trying to make something with his life but with lots of money.

Global issues

Drug lords are getting drugs throughout the whole world and the drug lords are pretty much getting paid for people to be addicted to drugs. Some drug lords are getting drugs that could get you killed but they are in it just for the money so they don't care about if you live or not.


There is no stopping drug lords because they will always find a way to get more and more drugs even if they are thrown in prison.
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Drug kingpin 'El Chapo' captured in Mexico