2nd Grade News: 5/6

Check out what is happening in Room 26!

Mark Your Calendars!

  • Chinatown Field Trip: Our Chinatown Field Trip is happening next week on Thursday, May 12. We are so excited for this fun and educational opportunity for the students to utilize their Chinese skills. We will be discussing expectations, safety, and logistics with the students this upcoming week. Thank you again for the overwhelming response of parent chaperones--we couldn't do it without you!

  • Field Day: Friday, May 20th is Field Day. We would love to have a parent help out with each class, as well as many parents to help out with games and stations!

Mother's Day Tea

Thank you Moms for taking the time to come in and share this special day with our class. If you were unable to make it, you have a wonderful surprise coming your way this weekend! The students have been working hard on the writing in both Chinese and English class. It has been so fun for me to read about all the ways you love and sacrifice for your child! You are appreciated! Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!
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Reading: Inferencing

The students have been sharpening their inferencing skills during guided reading, as well as during our full-class read aloud, Superfudge. This hilarious book, by Judy Blume, follows the story of a boy named Peter and his ridiculous little brother, Fudge. The perspective and tone of the story require students to be constantly inferencing in order to comprehend all that is happening. We have been keeping track of our inferences on a "T-chart". The students have been able to see just how often they need to use this important skill to understand what is happening in a story! I am amazed at the depth of their thinking!

Our next reading focus will be synthesizing. This is an important skill because it helps students track how their thinking changes throughout a story. Students will "put all the pieces of the puzzle together" in order to better comprehend the "big picture" of a story.

Writing: Mother's Day Books

The students did an INCREDIBLE job writing and illustrating very special Mother's Day books over the last several weeks.

Each child spent time drafting, editing, and finalizing a "Mother of the Year" persuasive essay. This writing piece demonstrates just how much the students have been learning this year in writing! They put a lot of thought into how to draw in their audience with an introductory paragraph. Then, they spent several days crafting sentences to illustrate the three reasons and characteristics for their body paragraphs, making sure to utilize transition words. Lastly, they wrapped up their thoughts in a conclusion paragraph.

The students poured their hearts into their essay, poetry pieces, and all of the illustrations in this book. Each one is quite a masterpiece!

Word Study: Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes

Our classes have been studying root words, as well as word endings. This week, our spelling list focuses on doubling the last consonant before adding an ending, such as -ing or -ed.

Last week, the students practiced their words by creating a memory game. They played by themselves first and then challenged a friend.