The Golden Poison Dart Frog

What is it and what does it do?

How does it deal with predators?

The golden poison dart frog deals with its predator, the liophis (which is the only known natural predator) by being very poisonous. If the liophis eats the frog, the snake will get very sick. The snake is very resistant to the poison, but it is not immune. It deals with other animals by being a bright yellow which is natures first sign of poisonous animals. If an animal other than the liophis touches or eats this frog that animal will most likely die.

How does it find its food?

The golden poison dart frog usually finds its food by hopping around and looking for beetles, ants, flies, and other insects. But if it is in an area where there are very little bugs, it will sit and wait close to a plant that is that color and hunt them.