Who Is Ready For 2022?

January, 2022

Message from J. Desto

Happy New Year Mason Road Family!!!

I certainly hope this message is finding everyone winding down from the month of December and gearing up for the new year. Boy did December fly!! I cannot lie, I am ready for the nice weather already BUT, I am not in any rush for the summer. I will embrace the next 6 months with these little people as much as I can and I know, with certainty, the teachers are feeling the same way!!

From all of us at MRS, we want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for the very generous gifts this holiday! COMPLETLEY unnecessary as no gifts ever are! Everything was very much appreciated. Again, Thank you!!!

Now, I wish I had a lot to share BUT, this past month flew by before I could even capture the month!! It sincerely saddens me because newsletters are supposed to be all about the kids, right? But, sadly, it got away from me. So, let's see what January brings! PLEASE send along any pictures you have from the break that you would like to share!

As always, if you have any questions or need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at jdesto@dcrsd.org or (508) 943-4312.


Jen D.

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COVID-19 continues...

I wish I didn't have to, but I do. I have to talk about COVID-19 and how we are all continuing to do our best to keep staff and students healthy and safe. Unfortunately, we are not perfect nor do we ever claim to be. We know that there is an increase in anxieties around the uptick in Covid and again how to respond the best we can. What I can tell you, however, is that we are keeping strong on implementing all mitigating strategies and doing our best to keep our staff and students in school! You will read, in Nurse Webert's message, that our staff is on the frontline taking every precaution. This includes face masks, windows open, 3ft distancing as best as we possibly can (to include lunch), hand washing (all the time), etc. Teachers will continue to monitor students while maintaining seating charts in the event that contact tracing is necessary. I can assure you, mask breaks will continue. If your child(ren) is showing any symptoms, please do not take any chances and get him/her tested. Sending them to school with some of the major symptoms can impact so many. Your help is extremely appreciated. You have all been so awesome in doing your part and we cannot thank you enough for it!!

Now I cannot wait to share that, in school, face masks are not required BUT for now, they still are. All teachers will be receiving KN95 masks that have been provided by the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). While these type of masks are not mandated, we will be encouraging staff to use them. Until the day we can throw them all in the trash, I am asking that all families make sure your child(ren) have extra masks in the backpacks especially if there is a certain favorite type of mask. While we have masks to give out, sometimes students prefer a certain type. This gets tricky when they are wet and/or dirty. We want to keep everyone as comfortable as possible without students becoming upset.

The Department of Education is providing 2 home test kits for all staff of the DCRSD. We will be hosting a pick up event for staff today (Sunday). The hope is that staff will test as soon as possible before returning to work on Monday to catch possible asymptomatic cases of covid. Teachers are not required to test before returning on Monday, this is a precautionary measure.

I am hopeful that you all received the message from Superintendent Lamarche that Massachusetts Department of Public Heath in collaboration with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is adopting the new CDC recommendations for isolation and quarantine periods. As soon as the districts receives any updated documents or information, we will be sure to share with you.

In addition, attached you will find information provided by the Town of Dudley for a COVID Vaccine clinic.

When: January 15, 2022

Where: Town Hall- first floor. 71 West Main Street, Dudley

Time: 8:30-12 (by appointment only)

Vaccine Availability

Pfizer vaccine- Pediatric vaccine for children ages 5-11 (100 doses only)

Pfizer vaccine- Adult/Adolescent for ages 12 and older

Pfizer vaccine- Adult/Adolescent for ages 16 and older

Pfizer Vaccine available for first dose, second dose, and booster.

Please call BOH at 508-949-8012 or 508-206-8104 to register!

A sincere appreciation to all of the families, staff, custodial engineers, and especially Nurse Webert! Without all of these awesome people, I would be sending out different information. As I have shared with many, if not all of you, Mason Road School is the best and this is just another reason why!!!

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January Lunch Menu

Below is the menu for January. Please note, these lunches are subject to change without notice.

MRS January Menu - District Website; Desto version

News From Title One!

Mrs. Connor and Ms. Pontbriand have been super busy working supporting students within the classrooms as well as within small groups (when necessary). They have created an amazing newsletter to share with you all. Please check out the December Newsletter, 2021!

News from Nurse Webert

Happy 2022 Everyone!

Just a quick message this month! If you chose to have your student(s) vaccinated for COVID-19 please send me a copy of their vaccination records so I may update the system. This will help me follow the appropriate testing protocol and set accurate quarantine dates as needed.

As we return from Holiday break please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding COVID exposures or positive tests. Our school will continue to be extra vigilant over the next couple weeks monitoring for symptoms and trying to prevent the spread of COVID within the school. The school is cleaned thoroughly by our wonderful custodial engineers, student seating is observed to identify close contacts, and teachers are quick to notify me of any sign of illness in the students. Everyone benefits from open communication. Please feel free to call me anytime during the school day.

Thank you,

Kayleigh Webert BSN, RN

Mason Road School Nurse

20 Mason Rd, Dudley, MA 01571

Phone # 508-943-4312 option 5

Fax# 508-949-1005

Mark those calendars!!

January 4: PTO Meeting 6:30pm - Dudley Elementary School Library

January 12: School Committee 7:30pm, Charlton Middle School

January 15: DUDLEY COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic 8:30 - 12:00 (by appointment only)

January 26: School Committee 7pm, SHRHS

Mobile Dentist to MRS - tentative date - more information to come

February 1: PTO Meeting 6:30pm - Dudley Elementary School Library

February 9: School Committee, Charlton Middle School

March 1: PTO Meeting 6:30pm - Dudley Elementary School Library

March 9: School Committee 7pm, SHRHS

March 23: School Committee 7pm, Charlton Middle School

April 5: PTO Meeting 6:30pm - Dudley Elementary School Library

April 13: School Committee 7pm, SHRHS

April 27: School Committee 7pm, Charlton Middle School

May 3: PTO Meeting 6:30pm - Dudley Elementary School Library

May 11: School Committee 7pm, SHRHS

May 25: School Committee 7pm, Charlton Middle School

June 7: PTO Meeting 6:30pm - Dudley Elementary School Library

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2021-2022 DCRSD School Year Calendar

Click here to access the School Year Calendar: 2021-2022 DCRSD School Year Calendar

Dudley PTO

The Dudley PTO have been a huge supporter of programs, field trips, etc. for Mason Road School. If you are interested in joining the PTO or want to stay up to date on fundraisers, please click on the picture to access their website.

Mason Road School Swag

If you would like to purchase merchandise with the Mason Road School Logo, please visit Squadlocker by clicking on the Logo. Squadlocker donates a percentage of all orders back to Mason Road School. It is a Win! Win!

Mason Road School

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Email: jdesto@dcrsd.org

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact contact me. This cannot be stressed enough especially when there are concerns. I cannot address what I am not aware of. ~Jen

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Please see 2021 Asbestos Notification: Please click on link below!