Railroads in ND and other places

best way to get to your destination in the most relaxing way


  1. By 1776, iron had replaced the wood in the rails and wheels on the carts.
  2. In 1789, Englishman, William Jessup designed the first wagons with flanged wheels.
  3. In 1803, a man named Samuel Homfray decided to fund the development of a steam-powered vehicle to replace the horse-drawn carts on the tramways.
  4. The Pullman Sleeping Car was invented by george pullman in 1857.
  5. By time trains get even more advanced.

trains are awesome

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America,north dakota,and other locations.

Most relaxing, safest, and reliable.

Train Impact on North Dakota

It was one of the best transportations coal and oil.

It is the best way to transport goods,food,cars,and other valuable uses.

Then it helped expand and more people came to north dakota.


  • William Jessup
  • Samuel Homfray
  • Julius Griffiths
  • George Stephenson
  • richard trevithick's
  • Colonel john stevens
  • peter cooper
  • George pull men

the importance to settling in the west.

The railroads were granted land on each side of their tracks by the government to encourage their growth West . For every mile of track laid they received ownership of land on each side of the tracks.This was given or sold at bargain prices to settlers to encourage the growth of areas. The railroads were the primary mode of transportation of goods,people, and other important such as growth and development to expand and help new communities.And it also helped the best in the gold rush era.


It's a faster way of transport people, goods , foods , and any other things that you can bring along.

Trains are reliable.

Are faster than most transportations and more safer.

Its more comfortable or like a sleep car.

One of the more cheaper ways of transportation.

You can see the country side.

They often have meals and other goods.


Their might be a wreck that could end badly.

Slower than a plane.

No traffic jams.

They are often delayed

They can only go certain places.

You need some type of transportation to the train.