Natural Health Day

with doTERRA Essential Oils

Pregnancy + Mood disorders + Pain + Energy + Natural Mom + Weight + Spa + Chiropractics

Come learn how many people embrace all the above with essential oils, high quality supplements and other natural products.

Essential oils are medicinal compounds extracted from plants. Now they are available more pure and potent than ever. They are incredibly effective and people all around the world use them as a first defense without side effects. You have to know about them!

This event will introduce you to a natural way of dealing with ailments from sore throats to sunburns, ADD to depression and more! Check out our agenda to find sessions that interest you most. You are invited to any or all of the sessions!

Free childcare is provided!

(Space is limited. Please contact to hold a spot for your kids.)

See you soon!


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Saturday, Aug. 23rd, 11am-5pm

1848 N Nob Hill Rd

Plantation, FL

Please RSVP on our facebook event page


10:45 Registration & doTERRA Product Sampling

11:00 Essential OILS Fundamentals

12:00 Natural PREGNANCY & BIRTH w. doTERRA

12:20 Natural MOMS w. doTERRA: Minimizing use of synthetics and toxins

12:40 Dr. Lee: Essential Oils in Chiropractics

1:00 How to... with doTERRA: Your QUESTIONS, our panel

1:20 Managing MOOD & MIND disorders w/o side effects

1:40 EXPERIENCE Products + Hear Stories

2:00 Having Fun with Essential Oils

2:40 Goodbye Pain, Hello Energy! Supplements, Oils & More

3:10 Be doTerra Fit: Lose Weight & Tone Up

3:30 6 DOCTORS discuss doTERRA Oils and Western Medicine

3:50 doTERRA SPA Time!

4:15a Experience the Product and/or

4:15b Create Opportunities: Earn Money and Free Product with doTERRA

RSVP on facebook and be ready for class by 11am or 2 pm and get a FREE BOTTLE OF OIL!!! #awesome

doTERRA: Gift of The Earth

We cant wait!

If you are frustrated with your healthcare and want another option,

If you are sick of side effects from medication or want to avoid meds altogether,

If you are interested in holistic health and want to know what essential oils are about,

If you want something powerful to help during your natural labor and birth,

Then we will see you there!