Cougar Connection

Volume 2 Issue 12

A Time for Reflection and Thanks!

This season we begin to start thinking about the things we feel grateful for. This weekend I've been doing some reflection about our campus, teachers, staff and students.

As I reflect I feel grateful for:

  1. A staff that gives it their all to increase student achievement and provide student enrichment.
  2. An office staff that can move as fast as duty calls, with the best customer service attitude!
  3. A-Team (Beard, Carter, Sternes, and Garcia) that helps ensure our school wide systems and programs are in place.
  4. Irreplaceable CICs that know what we need to do and put the plan in action!
  5. Specials staff that make our students well rounded and are able to provide meaningful lessons to our students during ECP's while teachers meet.
  6. Teacher assistants that are willing to go the extra mile to help us move our school, providing learning opportunities in the auditorium, providing twirling opportunities for our girls, teaching our girls dances, staying late to help with our students after school, being flexible with their lunchtimes to provide lunchroom coverage, working on our textbooks, and so much more!
  7. Teachers that attend professional development during the day including Saturdays, and teachers that take our students to a soccer game and come straight to school to help with the carnival. Teachers that even when out for the day come back to school to tutor!
  8. Teachers leaders and members of committees such as LPAC, Sunshine, Grade Level Chairs, New Teacher Support Team, Field Trips, TEI, Multicultural/Carnival, student motivation!
  9. Nurse that knows our students and their families well, and who takes the time to attend a Saturday Chess tournament to administer essential care for our student.
  10. Grade levels that collaborate, share best practices, and take feedback and embed it effectively for the sake of our students.

I have many, many more reasons but these are just my TOP TEN reasons to be grateful! (not in any particular order!)

International Fall Festival 2015!

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Week at a Glance

November 16 - November 24

Bully Awareness Week

11/16- Reasoning Mind Training for 2nd grade Teachers @ Computer Lab 3:20 p.m.

- Safety Committee Meeting!

11/17- ARD's 8:00-Hurd; 11:45-Taiwo; 11:45-Reyes

11/18- National Education Support Day! - Principal's Meeting & Training

11/19- 3:20-Faculty Meeting (TEI & Suicide Prevention)

11/20- Coffee with the Principal (parents invited)

11/23- Thanksgiving Luncheon

11/24- Tornado Drill

This week marks our last week for ECP's this semester! I have spoken to our grade level chairs to express my expectations for this week's ECP.

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Below are websites and video links to support Guided Reading. Link 8 provides wonderful examples of classroom set and other helpful tools. A few of the videos illustrate pre-teaching that leads into the Guided Reading lesson and others are examples of explicit Guided Reading instruction. The third video illustrates how to introduce work stations in conjunction with Guided Reading. PLEASE SHARE THESE WITH YOUR K - 3 TEACHERS. See video links below:

  • Video 1 Dallas ISD model lesson of a phonics lesson leading into as well as Guided Reading
  • Video 2 Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading lesson
  • Video 3 Guided Reading with Jenna: Introducing Work Stations
  • Video 4 Guided Reading with Jenna: Overview
  • Video 5 Guided Reading with Jenna: Small Group Guided Reading
  • Video 6 Fourth Grade Guided Reading: Sibley Elementary
  • Video 7 Second Grade Guided Reading: Day 2
  • Link 8 The Balanced Literacy Diet - Excellent for classroom setup, etc.