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Voice over artists build a successful dream career using the single most powerful asset they possess: THEIR VOICE. Here is a simple test. Think about your most favorite Ad: the first thing that comes to your mind before the picture is the voice of the presenter or the sound of the jingle. How many times have you tuned into a station just because you find a certain RJ's voice irresistible?There is a reason why an MC is called an MC- He/she is indeed the "Master of the Ceremony". You can be that person.

iReboot presents: "Discover your voice" workshop: An intensive four weekend program for all you enthusiasts who're waiting to get your voice discovered, heard and applauded.

And incase, you are still wondering, here's why you should be doing it..

Success Stories

Abhilash Gupta

A past participant from our RJ/ Voiceover workshop, an accomplished singer & voice-over artist who went onto producing signature tunes, anthems and jingles for various brands, has more than 10 Radio commercials to which he has lent his voice, and the proud co-founder of Salt'n'Pepper music production studio

Megha Ravi

Megha went on to interning as an RJ at Radio City post the workshop, and found her footing slowly but surely in the voice industry. She also takes up voiceover assignments and trains students on RJing at the Academy of Broadcasting.

Shuchi V

A language skillset put to good use gave Shuchi a break into the voiceover industry post this workshop. She cinched voiceover assignments with Educomp and is currently a Worldspace Radio show host for the Gujrati channels.

IReboot - RJ / Voiceover / MC workshop

Sunday, Mar 3rd, 3-6pm

3266, 11th main, HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar


4 weekends - 8 sessions totally from March 3 - March 31

Studio recording session will be conducted post workshop.

For more details, please call 9035789474 or drop us a mail on workshop@ireboot.com

Topics covered

• Voice Analysis
• Breathing Technique
• Interpretation of Character
• Career in Radio industry
• Career in MCing
• Eliminating Mind Gaps
• Handling different reads
• Narrations- Documentary films, corporate AV's

Workshop includes a recording of your voice samples at a professional studio with which you can market yourself in the voice industry.

For a more detailed list of topics, please visit this link

Mentor: Prakash Paul

Mr. Prakash Paul is an internationally certified NLP practioner, Voice coach and a popular Radio host who has been in the voiceover and radio industry for over ten years. He has trained TV and Broadcast journalists, Actors, Corporate Communicators, Teachers and Lawyers, as well as students from primary to management study levels to realize their voice potential.

How to Register

Step 1: Fill up the online registration form

Step 2: Workshop Fee: Rs.6000. Proceed to online payment (credit/debit card payment)

Step 3: To opt for cash/cheque pickup, send us a mail to workshop@ireboot.com or call 9886295353

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