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May 13, 2022

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A school is a community unto itself. I am so grateful to our school community, as so many wonderful people step up routinely to ensure that all the minutia surrounding day to day school life effortlessly happens:

  • Each season, Barb Bunker completely changes the decorations around the school, often with help from Laura Petrauskas
  • Each week Amber Fremling changes the Academy Rd sign to reflect birthdays and school events
  • Each year (non-covid) the HAEF Board, along with numerous volunteers, plan and implement our HA 5K and Fun Run
  • Each year HAEF awards teacher grants totaling $5,000
  • Each year the PTO fundraises for a big ticket item and supports our Art Smart Program (run by Hope Lawless)
  • Each year PTO plans and implements Fall on the Farm and the Someone Special Dance
  • Each year the PTO runs 'Staff Appreciation Week' (with help from the Kretschmar family)

These tasks and events all happen with volunteers who "just show up". They know the job needs to be done, and it gets done with superb attention to detail. There is nothing like being a Husky. Dare to be remarkable!

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Spring Testing continued with 5th, 6th, and 7th grade taking MSTEP Math. 5th grade also took MSTEP Social Studies. NWEA continued this week with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades.

Next week will be MSTEP makeups for those who need to start/finish any assessment. NWEA continues with 1st grade, 3rd-5th grades, and 6th-8th grades.

I will continue to say THANK YOU to everyone for their hard work and dedication in making this testing time of year go so smoothly!

Spring Concerts have been incredible so far! Outstanding job to all students in Y5’s, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. It was amazing to have families back in the school to be able to enjoy the wonderful things their students are learning and doing. Thank you to our music teachers for their hard work to make these nights so special for us. We look forward to our upcoming concert dates!

Global Focus was a great success today! Great job to the middle school students and the money they are continuing to raise for South Sudan. Please remember pledge sheets and money are due next Friday.

Friendly reminder that May 19th is our Outdoor Classroom Day. Teachers are busy planning and wanted to share with you a few lessons your students will be participating in:

  • Kindergarten students will be reading, doing a tracing activity, and going on a scavenger hunt.

  • 3rd grade math students will be measuring the angles of different shapes and objects they see outside.

  • 4th graders are going to be outside learning all day at Greenfield Village, with a specific focus on entrepreneurs in history.

  • 5th graders have a Global Focus towards helping with world hunger. They are learning about solar ovens and how they are used in Africa. During outdoor day, they are going to build solar ovens and use them to make s'mores.

  • Science students have discussed producers, consumers, food chains and webs, ecosystems, communities, and habitats in their science class. Outdoor day will be an extension of their discussions and activities. The students will be walking outdoors, selecting a community to study, and classifying organisms into producers and consumers. They will draw and label examples from each group. Students will also draw a food chain to show how energy moves through this community. A discussion and presentation will be given the following day.

  • Middle school students will be taking their independent reading outside. They are encouraged to bring a towel or blanket to sit on.

Fingers crossed the weather will be beautiful for us! Have a great weekend, Huskies!

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The music department is offering a silent auction for reserved seating at the Fourth/Fifth Grade evening spring music concert. Individuals may bid on reserved seating. The seats will be the first eight in the first and second rows closest to the aisle. The top eight bidders will be awarded four seats each. Seats will be assigned by the music department. Winners will be contacted via a phone call or email!

Please click on the link below to place your bid, if interested!

Landscape Beautification

Calling all volunteers! We are so grateful to Shannon Meyer for organizing a community workday devoted to beautifying our campus. On Saturday, May 21st, beginning at 9:00am, she will work with a volunteer group to work on weeding, raking, laying mulch, planting flowers, and generally sprucing up our campus. This is also a great opportunity for our NJHS students to earn service hours. If volunteers have gardening equipment to bring, that would be great. If you have any questions, please email Shannon at shannmeyer@hotmail.com or call, 248 660-4597. Power of the Pack!

June Breakfast/Lunch Ordering Information

Holly Academy Families,

The breakfast and lunch menus for June have been completed. All orders must be placed by 10:00am on Monday, May 23rd.

Some families have accidentally missed a meal when making their meal selections. If you want to double-check to make sure you have added all meals into your cart before checking out, there are 7 breakfasts and 6 lunches for June for a total of 13 meals.

Students will be at school for breakfast for their field trip (with the exception of the 5th grade field trip to Mackinac). Lunch will not be provided if they are attending a field trip.

2nd grade: Wednesday, June 1st

Kindergarten: Monday, June 6th

5th grade: Monday, June 6th thru Wednesday, June 8th

When I calculated the amount needed to cover through the end of the year, I did not include the Tuesday that was included for May. Please log in and check your myschoolaccount to see if a deposit needs to be made to cover additional pizza slices for June.

If you have sufficient funds in your child’s myschoolaccount, please go to www.myschoolaccount.com and place your order.

If you do not have sufficient funds in your myschoolaccount you will need to add funds via RevTrak. Please use this link to add funds. RevTrak - Food Service

Below are sample pizza amounts for June only.

Pizza Days (Mondays and Fridays)

1. 1 slice w/ White Milk (no cost)

2. 1 slice w/ Chocolate Milk (no cost)

3. 2 slices w/ White Milk ($1.50)

4. 2 slices w/ Chocolate Milk ($1.50)

5. 3 slices w/ White Milk ($3.00)

6. 3 slices w/ Chocolate Milk ($3.00)

Sample payment amounts for pizza orders (pricing is only for the June dates):

2 slices on Mondays only for all applicable days: $1.50

3 slices on Mondays only for all applicable days: $3.00

2 slices on Fridays only for all applicable days: $1.50

3 slices on Fridays only for all applicable days: $3.00

2 slices on Mondays/Fridays only for all applicable days: $3.00

3 slices on Mondays/Fridays only for all applicable days: $6.00

If you have any questions regarding the menu or food service program please contact Angie Cryderman at crydermana@hollyacademy.org.

Angie Cryderman

Finance Assistant

Holly Academy

248-634-5554 x154


From the Board of Directors

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Please make sure to check the lost and found box by Friday, May 20th. Any items not claimed will be donated. Thank you!

Talent Show 2022

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Cross Country Meets

  • May 19 - JV at home at 5:00pm, Varsity immediately following JV
  • May 26 - JV away at SOTL at 5:00pm, Varsity immediately following JV
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Healthy Huskies

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Oakland County NEW School Quarantine Guidelines

Please see the attached document for the newly updated COVID guidelines.
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Camp Invention

The National Inventors Hall of Fame created Camp Invention to inspire future creators and entrepreneurs in a semi-structured environment that provides open-ended STEM activities.

Holly Academy’s camp will happen from 8/8 - 8/12/22.

This year students will explore:

  • Marble Arcade: Children zigzag through physics, engineering, and gaming as they build a mega marble arcade!
  • Spin Into the ATTIC: Art and STEM combine in this immersive experience with their robotic artist!
  • Robotic Aquatics: Children dive into ocean research and adopt their own aquatic animal!
  • Spacecation: Inspired by real space exploration, campers create Spacepacks and Astro-Arm devices to help them with glow-in-the-dark lunar discoveries and erupting ice volcanoes!

Register Today: https://invent-web.ungerboeck.com/programsearch/moreinfo.aspx?event=36670

Use the code INVENT15 to receive your $15 before 5/18/22.

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  • May 16 - Board of Directors meeting at 5:30pm in media center
  • May 17 - 4th/5th grade concerts at 1:00pm & 6:30pm
  • May 19 - Outdoor Classroom Day
  • May 20 - Caring committee dress down day, $1.00
  • May 24 - AAE/Pan Jams concerts, 1:00pm & 6:30pm
  • May 24 - June 1 - Vision testing for Y5, 1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th grades
  • May 26 - Band/Choir concerts at 1:00pm & 6:30pm
  • May 27 - Half day of school, dismissal at 11:30am
  • May 30 - Memorial Day, no school
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