Plants in the wetlands

There are many different types of plants in the wetlands such as pitcher plants, hyacinths, mosses, and many more. Certain plants can only live in the wetlands and most of them live in the water. In the wetlands plant life is being threatened by the water level dropping, the pollution is making the water dirty, and there can be so much water that it drowns all the plants.

Landscapes in the wetlands

Many types of wetlands make up one complete wetland. For example swamps, marshes, and bogs. Some of them are always flooded and others are only flooded one time of year. The wetlands are always wet. The soil there is hydric soil.

Climate and Weather

Most amphimbians and reptiles live there. It is very stormy. Alot of people pullute plastic bottles. The plants that grow there contain alot of water. There is a plant that cleans the water from pollution. The average rainfall in swamps and wetlands is 1750mm-2000mm per year!

Adaptations of Plants and Animals

Wetlands are filled with a lot of animals like caimans,alligators,crocodiles,mallards,hippopotamuses,and muskrats.The type of plants you would see are sedges, duckweed, water hyacinth, common cattail, spatter dock, and water weed. Important ways you can help protect wetlands by participating in groups, picking up trash,avoid wetlands if you are building a home or installing a shed.Exotic species threaten wetlands because they make it hard for native plants and animals to survive.
Wetlands Biome L


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