Digital Footprint

by Joshua Jowett

keep Your Private Phings private

if you send some of your private things to someone, it will not always stay only to that person. once you send something online it is extremely hard to remove and it can be very easy to access.

5 Things Never to do Online

1. Never send any bank or personal details to almost anyone

2. Do not constantly swear or do things inappropriate incase someone sees it

3. Your private things you send, are not private, it is really hard to get thing off the web

4. Be formal to teacher's, bosses and other people, only send casual messages to friends and family, acronyms are not for formal messages

5. Do not send pictures of other people without their consent and agreement

Things to do in a Formal Message

keep it formal

keep it appropriate

give a signature or full name

use proper punctuation and spelling