By Skyler Clugston


Samurai's were created by the Chinese/Japan to protect the people and to provide security and property. This is when they are denied of central power started to happen throughout all of China/Japan. Samurai also means "those who serve" for the kings of their countries and people.


Bushido is not another type of warrior but rather more of a code that the Samurai's lived by. This greatly influenced in the Samurai's actions because they would have to think what a Bushido would have to do. It was pretty much a strict warrior code that all Samurai's went by it is know as "the way of the warrior" in Japan as Bushido.

The effect on the system

The samurai's had a big effect on the system by bringing the government state to be stable again. The Bushido made what they did for a living more secretive and unnoticed than the people knew so that made everyone know what they were doing and what was going on in their lives.


I finally did it, I finally became Samurai! This has officially became one of my biggest accomplishments of my life! Ever since I've seen the Samurai's protect people I finally knew what i wanted to be when I grew up. My duties that I've received while being a Samurai is that I watch over the people and make sure no wrong doing is happening. Another thing I do is watch over the throne and the king to make sure nothing bad happens to him