Walk through History

Riverside Mission Inn

Sabrina Hernandez

period 2

Mrs. Sandoval

Booker T. Washington Bust

Booker T. Washington was an slave who became a self made man. Washington's philosophy concerning the role of African Americans was tempered by his belief in accommodation. He believed that if African Americans ignored discrimination, and concentrated on their future that their rights would follow. He believed that there was no shame in manual labor.

WEB DuBois believed that African Americans should not limit themselves to labor but to educate themselves to be recognized as citizens. He rejected the idea of accomadation and suggested that only through voting rights African Americans could achieve economic and social equality.

1700 Spanish Cannons

Panama was seeking independence from Columbia and the US agreed to support them in exchange for land to build a canal. The U.S. would benefit from this because it made it easier to travel from one side of the US to the other, by ship, without having to go around the southern tip of South America. The canal made the trip tremendously shorter, faster, and less expensive.


Products made in the 1920's were: the radio, silent movies, Model T, toaster, sliced bread, kool-aid, etc.


Dada art is an attempt at uncovering the true nature of existence in a world were everything seems to be falling apart. I think this picture shows it clearly. The flower petals, which are on top, are happy while the stem, on the bottom, are not so happy. I think that in society those who put themselves in top are happy, while those on the bottom are not.


- art said to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. I think this photo shows the aspect of surrealism because it could show the different characters the artist saw in his mind.

Fox Theatre

Movie experiences were different in the 1920's because most of them were silent movies, black and white, and there is no special effects.