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December 2, 2022


Putting the breaks on impulses can be difficult for both children and adults. But did you know that research shows the ability to control your attention, emotions, thoughts and actions is the most highly correlated strength associated with adult wealth, health, and happiness? It is a stronger predictor of success than grades or IQ. As parents, we all want our kids to be THRIVERS as adults. Self-Control can be taught. Our parent book study is currently focusing on the Self-Control chapter of the book Thrivers, by Michele Borba. The book outlines some ways we can teach self-control at home and school. Here are some of those strategies you may want to apply:

  • Reduce attention robbers (things that distract our kids from focusing on the people and events around them). This can mean avoiding overscheduling our lives-cut one activity for your kids to have time to recharge. Screen time is another attention robber.
  • Stretch the wait time- Time your kid's current waiting ability, or how long he can pause before an impulse gets the best of him. Slowly increase that time and stretch self-control over the weeks by teaching wait strategies (breathing strategies, take a break, counting, timers).
  • Play waiting games. Self control is like a muscle that can be built up through practice over time. Playing board games, taking turns, playing Red Light, Green Light or Freeze Tag are all ways to improve the ability to control impulses.
  • Model self-control. We all have moments of frustration or impulse. Talk through those times with your kids with phrases like, "I am feeling really upset right now, so I am going to take 3 minutes to breathe and control myself before we talk about this."

6th Grade Camp

6th Grade Camp will be taking place at Cuyamaca Outdoor School January 30th - February 3rd, 2023. 6th Grade families, more information will be sent home in the near future.

Please note, we will be holding a 6th Grade Camp Parent Information Night on Wednesday December 14th at 5:30 PM.

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Pepper Drive Spirit

On Fridays, we wear RED to show our Pepper Drive spirit. Today's classes with the highest percentage of students showing school spirit are...

Mrs. Shepard (6th Grade)

Mrs. Childress (2nd Grade)

Mrs. Keiser (2nd/3rd Grade)

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TIGER Expectations - Kickball

This week, your student(s) continued to learn about how the TIGER traits are shown during recess. This week, our focus was on showing the TIGER traits while playing Kickball.

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Upcoming Dates


12/7 PTA Stoves on Strike @ Round Table Pizza

12/9 Middle School Honor Roll Luncheon (Tri 1 GPA 3.5 or higher)

12/12-12/16 PTA Holiday Shop

12/22-1/4 Winter Break (no school)


1/9 Progress Reports go home

1/16 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (No School)

1/19 PTA Art Night (in Person) & Association Meeting

1/25 Tiger Awards

1/30-2/3 6th Grade Camp

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