Lucretia Mott


In the beggining .....

Lucretia Mott was a daughter out of 5 children.Mott grew up to become a leading social reformer. At the age of 13, she attended a Quaker boarding school in New York State, she stayed on and worked there as a teaching assistant. She met her future husband while going through her middle school years at the age of 13. They then got married and started their long journey together.

middle life time

Lucretia Mott became a reformer because she was very against slavery and slave labor so her an her husband went to a anti-slavery action meeting where women weren't allowed to be full participants. After she found this out it lead to her siding and joining her friend Elizabeth Stanton in forming the Seneca Falls convention in new york city. She then also help for a free religion association in Boston.

Final years...

Mott always kept her commitment to the women rights but she also maintained a steady home as a house wife. After the civil war Mott continued to stand up for African Americans rights. She was a founder of Swarthmore college in the year 1864. Never stopped attending women's rights conventions even when the movement split she tried to bring the two movements together. Lucretia Mott died in the year 1880 on November 11.