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It is time for your PDP mid-year review. Go into the system, answer the box about progress thus far, and submit. Thank you to those who have given feedback on the SEL--very helpful! However, I only have 5 of these submitted. Please take care of this ASAP.

While I am only speaking from past precedence (not official word), please be prepared that we may not have school on Wednesday due to the parade. (This means we will need our virtual day ready to be uploaded to Canvas for students--and students to be aware to look there.)

Graduate Data: How is the 19 graduate follow-up going? These are due FRIDAY!

Monday: Red Monday? Why NOT?!

Tuesday: Music Group

MN out of meeting for Drug Task Force meeting 12-1

Wednesday: BIST in PM

Thursday: TABE at 12:00



NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

2/11: Mark has a birthday (RIGHT? He tells us all the time!)

2/12: Visible Learning with Kara: 12:30

2/13: Debi's Birthday

2/14: District PD Day

2/17: SCHOOL OPEN (Snow Day Makeup)

2/18: Vocational Rehab here

2/24: MOCSA here 9:30: Sexual Harassment (think about WHO)

2/26: Marimac Valley Schools to visit LA

2/27: HOPE Awards

SEL Lesson for NEXT Week (Feb 10-13)

Recognizing and Responding to Other People's Feelings

This lesson helps students begin to understand the concept of empathy and be more aware of other people's feelings as well as their own sensitivity to others' emotions.

Circle: What music/musicians do you like most? Why? How do you feel when you are listening to this music? Emphasize that while students enjoy listening to music, they may not be aware that they enjoy listening to it in part because of the emotions and empathy music can evoke. These questions can help get students thinking about the many ways in which people are sensitive to others' emotions.

Skill Introduction: Ask if anyone knows what empathy means. (The ability to understand and feel what someone else is feeling from that person's perspective.)

Agree or disagree with this? Sometimes we can be so wrapped up in our own thoughts, feelings, and goals that we are not as empathic as we could be."


Part of being empathic is not just noticing what is happening around us, but tuning in to the real feelings of others, even when the signs of those emotions are subtle. It takes attention and effort to be empathic. Sometimes people don't seem to be empathic because they don't have practice in noticing others' feelings. Other times, we might not act on what we do notice because we're not sure what to do or say. When is a time where you may not have felt much empathy as you could have or might not have acted on empathic feelings?

Some empathy signals and cues are part of BEST communication skills.(People show emotion through tone of voice and posture, as well as facial expressions and how they use their hands.

Want to practice? Watch one of the videos below and look to view people with empathy and compassion instead of judgment or suspicion.

YouTube: "Too Quick to Judge" OR "Short Film 'The Elevator'"

Super Bowl Champions

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HOPE Award Winners...STILL A SECRET....but WHO wants to present?

WHO is willing and able to present for this year's winners? Let me know!

Secondary Awards: Thursday, February 27, 6:30 pm, Heritage Middle School

Personal Initiative: Angelina

Humanitarian: Gabriel

Courage: Cameron Roberson

Integrity: Caleb

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